Neil Harris


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About me...

I trained as an Interior Designer at the Royal College of Art before working as an independent Exhibition Designer, Set Designer and Production Designer.


I started Directing under the wing of Paul Arden and Nick Sutherland-Dodd before becoming a founder Director at Smuggler Inc with my former producer Patrick Milling Smith and his partner Brian Carmody.


I exercise my passion for Design with innovative Set Design solutions, encompassing Location shoots, Stockshot backgrounds and on occasion Model dioramas to provide low-fi and original solutions to sometimes insurmountable and seemingly expensive problems.


I have a US O1 Visa, am a DGA member and hold a current DBS certificate


I have worked for numerous Agencies around the world, and shot in many countries. In addition, I try to get involved in the charity sector when invited and have shot several campaigns for a diverse number of such clients.






Commercial Directing Projects

020 763767665


Corporate Projects