Neil Harris


For all Commercial Directing Projects please contact;        020 7636 7665


For Design or Design Consultation projects please contact me directly via the contact section.


Neil Harris is an award winning commercials director, making innovative and arresting ads across multiple sectors. Clients include Virgin, PlayStation, Kronenbourg and VW, as well as charity and public service projects for the BBC, Green Party and MTV Aids Awareness Campaigns.


Having graduated with a master’s degree from the Royal College of Art, Neil began his career as a freelance designer and art director, designing exhibitions and window displays for Harvey Nichols along with retail and domestic interior design commissions.  After a period in production design he started directing under the wing of Paul Arden and became a founding director of Smuggler Inc who represent him worldwide for advertising projects.


As a director he has developed a particular knack for comedy and his quirky sense of humour lends each campaign a feeling of fun. He is well known for his ability to provide original solutions to seemingly insurmountable and expensive problems, often drawing on his extensive design experience to achieve this.


He holds an O1 Visa for the USA, is a DGA member and has a current DBS certificate. 

Neil continues to work as an interior designer alongside his directing work. To see it click on the DESIGN link above.

His directing work can be seen in the showreels below.....